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Meet the World's Best Keto, Low Carb Cheesecake — Wonder Monday

Can I eat cheesecake on keto or low carb diet?

Who doesn't love cheesecake? Rich, creamy, and so so delicious! My favorite dessert is cheesecake. 

Can you eat cheesecake when you're on a keto or low carb diet? Well, the short answer is yes! Cheesecake is absolutely keto friendly! Read to find out more.👇

Is cheesecake a good keto dessert choice?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Cheesecake is the quintessential keto dessert. Why? It's jiggly, sweet, creamy, and perfectly low carb! By nature, cheesecake is already naturally low carb (minus the sugar of course)! All the main ingredients that make up a cheesecake — full-fat cream cheese, heavy cream, sour cream, almond flour, and eggs are 100% keto approved.

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Why can't I eat regular, store bought cheesecake on keto?

The reason regular New York Style cheesecakes are off limits is because they are typically very high in carbs due to its sugar content and traditional graham cracker crust. A typical supermarket cheesecake has up to 35g of carb and 15g of sugar per serving! Crazy right?! Not to worry, you can either make your own or if you're too busy to bake, you can try Wonder Monday's keto cheesecake — each cake is just 1g net carbs, 0g of added sugar, and gluten free.

What ingredients are in a cheesecake?

The filling of a cheesecake is typically made up of full-fat cream cheese, sour cream, eggs, and sugar. More sophisticated cheesecake recipes will include vanilla extract or lemon juice. For the crust, you can go no crust or a crust. Crusts can be either a cookie or graham cracker crust.

What kind of sweetener is typically used in a cheesecake?

You can sweeten your cheesecakes with any kind of sugar substitute like allulose, stevia, or monk fruit sweetener. Keto cheesecakes can also be sweetened with sugar alcohols like erythritol. You may also find cheesecake recipes including xylitol or aspartame, which are artificial sweeteners that we don't recommend.

How many net carbs are in a keto-friendly cheesecake?

An average keto friendly cheesecake recipe is about 5-7g net carbs for a 114g serving size. If you are allocating 20g - 30g of net carbs per day on a keto or low carb diet then, a cheesecake serving could easily be your daily snack. We love Wonder Monday's mini cheesecakes for perfect portion control and each serving is only 1g net carb.

What are keto-friendly toppings for a keto cheesecake?

Toppings are my favorite way to spruce up my cheesecakes. Our favorite topping choices are: sugar-free whipped cream, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, pecans, almonds, (any nuts really), sugar-free caramel or chocolate sauce. 

What is the best cheesecake flavor on keto?

The most common cheesecake flavor is the Classic New York style cheesecake. You can find keto cheesecakes in different flavors like Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pumpkin, or Key Lime.

Where can I buy a keto cheesecake?

You can find keto cheesecakes at your local bakery or online. There are a few online bakeries that offer keto cheesecakes. You can find Wonder Monday's Variety Pack Cheesecakes (Pack of 28) available to ship to your door here


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