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The tastiest dessert
made for weight loss

✓Low carb ✓ 90-100 Cals ✓ Keto-friendly
✓ Snack-sized ✓ 0g Added Sugar ✓Diabetic-friendly

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Have a sweet tooth? These cheesecakes will change your life.

Delicious, guilt-free cheesecakes! Made with all natural ingredients you know and love and absolutely no sugar or fillers of any kind.

Thouands of happy customers love our cheesecakes! A wonderful and convenient snack. We ship to all 50 states.

Low Carb, High Protein, and 90 cal. Perfectly crafted and snack-sized. Just 5 WW Smartpoints!

Eat your Cheesecake, and Lose Weight Too

Imagine eating exactly what you have always wanted!

Stop craving those foods that make you bloated, tired, and guilty.

Convenient, Tasty and Healthy

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1,000+ 4.9/5 Reviews

Limited Edition Variety Packs

Fun & Fruity

Strawberry Bliss & Key Lime Pie
28 Cakes

Just $2.64/cake!



Pumpkin Choco

Pumpkin Spice & Chocolate Decadence
28 Cakes

Just $2.64/cake!



Caramel Berry Dream

Strawberry Bliss & Salted Caramel
28 Cakes

Just $2.64/cake!




Classic NY & Chocolate Decadence
28 Cakes

Just $2.64/cake!



See why we're the internet's fave dessert...

“I splurged and bought the variety pack and OMGGG they are BEYOND DELICIOUS!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!!!! Lots of flavor and so so smooth!!!! I truly loved all the flavors I received!!! I am HIGHLY RECOMMENDING these and I want to thank the creators!!!!! You really won’t be sorry if you buy these!!!!! A nice little treat that is so so good!!!! I will absolutely buy again!!!!!!!!!”

– Deanna, verified buyer


"My wife doesn't even like cheesecake but now we fight over the last ones. Lol."

— Mark, verified buyer


“Can’t believe it! I find it hard to believe these are keto friendly because they are absolutely delicious and taste just like a regular cheesecake taste! I have tried the plane and the key lime and they are both delicious! Can’t wait to try some other flavors.”

— Patti, verified buyer


“Top Shelf Cheesecake without all the bad stuff. Delicious!!”

— Diane, verified buyer


“These are incredible cheesecakes! They are perfect sized for a sweet tooth craving and 100% guilt free. They are rich and soft, the true definition of perfection. I was also impressed with the shipping and packaging. The cheesecakes were secure and chilled so they arrived fresh and in tact. Highly recommend!”

— Kaylin, verified buyer


I've tried a lot of awful low-carb snacks. Do these have any weird aftertaste?

Zero. We know what you mean. We've tried dozens of low-carb, "healthy alternatives" that taste chalky, cooling, artificial, and downright inedible. So we'll say it now — the only aftertaste our product has is sweet, delicious cheesecake.

What is the texture like?

Thouands of happy customers love our cheesecakes! A wonderful and convenient snack. We ship to all 50 states.

Can I eat this if I'm keto, diabetic, or low-carb?

Absolutely. Each of our cheesecake snacks contains just 1g net carbs and less than a gram of sugar. You can feel confident knowing our products are carefully formulated to minimize blood sugar spikes and support ketosis.

How do net carbs work?

Net carbs refer to carbohydrates your body can actually metabolize. Only carbs that can be used for energy will contribute calories and affect blood sugar levels. So, net carbs is the number to watch! To calculate net carbs, use the following formula: Total carbs - allulose - dietary fiber = net carbs. Every single of our cakes are just 1g net carbs.

Do these cheesecake snacks contain gluten or grains? Sugar alcohols? Artificial stuff?

Nope! Instead of traditional wheat flour we use almond flour, which is naturally gluten free. You won't find grains in any of our products. Zero sugar alcohols or anything artificial. Not even the hidden ones.

How do the cheesecakes ship?

We use express shipping services to give you the best experience. We use recyclable, insulated packaging to ensure your cheesecake snacks arrive safe and fresh. Note: your cheesecake snacks are designed to arrive fully thawed and cool to the touch.

Can I buy less cheesecake in my first order?

Currently, we can only offer our a minimum order of 2 packs due to the high cost of shipping perishables. This includes expedited shipping services, custom-made insulated liners, and high-performance gel packs to ensure your cheesecakes arrive quickly and safely. Warehousing and handling fees are more expensive for perishable goods. We actually cover all these costs to offer free shipping on every order. You'll see many other businesses charging $30-$40 for Express shipping when you reach the end of checkout. Plus, our cheesecakes keep fresh very well when frozen, and can also be eaten straight from the freezer for an amazing snack — they'll remain soft enough! They also thaw perfectly in just 20 minutes due to their size.


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