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Variety Pack - WW

Variety Pack - WW

Restaurant-Sized Cheesecakes
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Variety Pack - WW



Seriously delicious, real ingredients

We pair out-of-this-world flavor with unbeatable nutrition for a healthy, decadent treat you can feel good about eating every day. We say no to artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and sugar alcohols.

Fabulous from the freezer or fridge

Pop 'em straight from the freezer for a decadent ice cream-like experience (they'll be soft enough to bite, we promise!). Or, thaw for just 15 mins for a classic creamy texture. With just 3g net carbs, it's time to indulge on!

What people are saying

Rich, Creamy & Delicious

Handcrafted with real ingredients, complete protein, and no added sugar. Big-time flavor meets incredible nutrition.


What is the texture like?

We'll say it now β€” we don't take shortcuts. Biting into one of our cheesecake snacks is like sinking into a dream.

It's everything you love about cheesecake: rich, creamy, perfectly crumbly, and baked not a minute past done. It's so good, we swear you'll never go back (sorry, grandma!).

How do net carbs work?

Net carbs refer to carbohydrates your body can actually metabolize. Only carbs that can be used for energy will contribute calories and affect blood sugar levels. So, net carbs is the number to watch!

To calculate net carbs, use the following formula:

Total carbs - allulose - dietary fiber = net carbs.

What is allulose?

If you've had things like figs, raisins, or maple syrup before, then you've tried allulose! It's a naturally occurring "rare sugar" found in many fruits and vegetables.

Unlike regular sugar, though, it has almost no calories. Because it isn't well metabolized, it passes through the body with zero impact on blood sugar. Sweet!

Why are these more expensive than mainstream options?

We're committed to making products that use no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and that are keto-friendly and gluten-free.

Plus, all our dairy is free from added hormones (rBST), 99% of our ingredients are non-GMO, and all our products are certified Kosher.

That means our products are more expensive to make than conventional brands. We pay extra to use premium ingredients like Almond Flour and Allulose that cost more than traditional flours and sugar-based or artificial sweeteners.

Our committment to quality ingredients that are good for your health means you don't ever have to worry what's inside your food.

And, as we think you'll agree when you try our products, using top-shelf ingredients is the secret to creating a taste experience unlike anything else!

Green packaging

We use planet-friendly, insulated packaging to ensure your cheesecake snacks arrive safe and fresh. Plus, we ship via express services to give you the best experience.

Order tracking

You'll receive an email with a tracking link as soon as your order ships. Be sure you're home on the day your order is scheduled to arrive!

Baked in the USA

Our cheesecake snacks are 100% USA made. We bake fresh daily and hand-craft our cheesecakes with lots of love. Thanks for supporting our small business!

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