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I've tried a lot of awful low-carb foods. Do these have any weird aftertaste?

Zero. We know what you mean. We've tried dozens of low-carb, "healthy alternatives" that taste chalky, cooling, artificial, and downright inedible. So we'll say it now — the only aftertaste our product has is sweet, delicious cheesecake.

What is the texture like?

Biting into one of our cheesecakes is like sinking into a dream. It's everything a cheesecake should be: rich, creamy, perfectly crumbly, and baked not a minute past done.

What about the flavor?

Bold. Bright. Classic, yet creative. We don't take shortcuts here. All our flavors are developed alongside professional chefs. We use real, premium ingredients to create a treat as delicious as your favorite cheesecake but with just 3g net carbs, zero grains or gluten, and nothing artificial.

So, it tastes like... a real cheesecake?

Yes. Our snacks are inspired by the classic New York Style cheesecake. Every flavor features a rich, creamy filling complete with a sweet graham crust. It's so good, we swear you'll never go back (sorry, grandma!).

And I can eat this if I'm keto, diabetic, or low-carb?

Absolutely. Each of our cheesecakes contains just 3-4g net carbs and 0g added sugar. You can feel confident knowing our products are carefully formulated to minimize blood sugar spikes and support ketosis.

That's awesome.

Yeah. It's pretty awesome.

How do net carbs work?

Net carbs refer to carbohydrates your body can actually metabolize. Only carbs that can be used for energy will contribute calories and affect blood sugar levels. So, net carbs is the number to watch! To calculate net carbs, use the following formula:  Total carbs - allulose - dietary fiber = net carbs.

What's this about high-protein?

Each of our cheesecakes contains 10g or more of protein. That's over 20% of your recommended daily intake. We spent over a year crafting our recipe to include a protein boost while maintaining a classic cheesecake texture. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Cool. So what exactly is allulose?

It’s a naturally occurring “rare sugar” found in foods like figs, and it's the secret behind our magical sweetness. It tastes and bakes just like regular sugar. But because it isn’t metabolized like regular sugar, it has almost no calories or impact on blood glucose levels.

Do these cheesecake snacks contain gluten or grains?

Nope! Instead of traditional wheat flour we use almond flour, which is naturally gluten free. You won't find grains in any of our products.

Sugar alcohols?

Zero. Not even the hidden ones.

Artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners?

Definitely not.

Added growth hormones? Preservatives? Weird stuff I can't pronounce?

Zilch. We think the weird stuff is just... weird.

Wow. I like that.

So do we.

Where can I find all the ingredients and nutrition facts?

We love that you care! We show complete nutrition in 3 different places for convenience:

I noticed they're more expensive than mainstream options. Why?

We're committed to making products that use no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and that are keto-friendly and gluten-free. This means our products are more expensive to make than conventional brands. For example, our allulose sweetener is almost 10x the price of cane sugar! Plus, all our cheesecake snacks are certified Kosher and hand-made by a real person in an SQF Level 2 facility. We're a small, self-funded company and take pride in creating delicious, healthy food where you never have to worry about what's inside.

How big are these cheesecakes?

Each cheesecake snack is 99g, or about the weight of a restaurant-sized slice of cheesecake. Each snack has a diameter of ~3". Cases contain 12 cheesecake. Each cheesecake arrives in an individual, resealable plastic clamshell container. Each container is ~3.5" x 3.5" x 2". Whew, that was a lot of numbers.

Are they made in the US?

You bet! We're a Boston-based company and all our products are freshly hand-crafted right here in the US. 🇺🇸

Ok, I'm in! How do the cheesecakes ship?

All cheesecakes ship out from a deep freeze and arrive quickly using expedited shipping services. We use recyclable, insulated packaging to ensure your cheesecake snacks arrive safe and fresh. Note: your cheesecake snacks are designed to arrive fully thawed and cool to the touch.

Omg! I just got my delivery. How do I store them and eat them?

Woohoo! You can store them in the freezer for up to 12 months, or in the fridge for up to 10 days. If you freeze them, you can eat them from frozen whenever you want, or let them thaw for 10 minutes at room temperature for a classic creamy consistency (it's worth the wait, we promise!).

Last question. What's the meaning behind the name?

It's an ode to our favorite day of the week. Why do we love Mondays? The start of each week is a chance to boldly choose what makes you feel most alive.


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