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Inspiring magic and joy in the everyday ✨

We think Mondays get a bad rap. After all, the start of a new week is a new chance to thrive. So what if instead of feeling dread, we could boldly step into what makes us alive? We started Wonder Monday to create products that let you savor the experiences that make you, you. Our mission is to invite your true potential, intuition, and innate power with decadent products you can choose with conviction.

Our Story

On a summer evening in 2020, Jonathan found an old The Cheesecake Factory gift card in his wallet (thanks, sis!). As a certified health nut who researches food quality and cooks every meal from scratch, he was wary of going. Candace, however, was thrilled by the find. After all, who doesn't love cheesecake? 

That was when Candace discovered that Jonathan had never eaten cheesecake (or a French fry) before. 😲

It was decided. They were going to The Cheesecake Factory.

An hour later they sat in front of a cheesecake. Jonathan took a bite. Cheescake, he learned in that moment, was transcendent.

He wondered where this magical invention had been all his life.

But soon enough, his intuition guided him to the nutrition facts.

Not surprisingly, the cheesecake was filled with all kinds of things — thousands of empty calories, hundreds of grams of sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, and things he couldn't even pronounce.

In the end, they left knowing one thing for sure: the magical experience of cheesecake deserved to be done better.

Thus, Wonder Monday was born ✨

Inspired by their love for indulgent + nourishing food, Candace and Jonathan spent over a year crafting a cheesecake they could eat everyday. They cut out the junk and sugar to reimagine a cheesecake that tastes every bit as a magical as the real deal, but with ingredients they could stand behind.

We're thrilled you're here, and can't wait for you to enjoy what we've made. Happy snacking!

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